Rubric For Creative Writing Assignment

Of course, a poem that is uninterpretable or meaningless, no matter how original, can't be creative.

What does it look like when schoolwork is original and of high quality?

Those are all great qualities that we can assess in their own right, but we shouldn't confuse them with creativity.

As early childhood educator Lilian Katz once railed, "Creativity is not animals with long eyelashes!

In social studies, asking students how the events that led up to World War I might be handled if they happened today fosters more creativity than asking students to discuss the causes of World War I.

Students will still exhibit a range of originality and quality in their work, even in response to these more creative prompts.

In its most basic sense, creative means "original and of high quality" (Perkins, 1981, p. The girl's school spirit poem was of high quality, but it was workmanlike and derivative.

The boy's self-analysis poem was original, and the poetic composition and word choice were fine; he just needed to attend to the quality of the mechanics.

Myriad opportunities for fostering creativity are right under our noses in school, because learning is a generative act.

However, what's missing in many classrooms is deliberately noticing and naming opportunities for creativity when they occur, giving feedback on the creative process, and teaching students that creativity is a valued quality.


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