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I think this (her story) is an important lesson about advocacy and, in particular, self-advocacy.

I think this (her story) is an important lesson about advocacy and, in particular, self-advocacy.After every other chemotherapy protocol failed, she was adrift.Jonathan La Pook, a chief medical correspondent at CBS: It’s an anecdote.

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The prospect of harnessing our own immune system to attack cancer cells is a compelling and worthwhile avenue of research.

But as it stands now there’s insufficient evidence to make statements regarding efficacy, safety, costs, or how these treatments stack up against existing therapies.

What was then heralded as a “watershed moment” and possible “cure” (yes, word was dangled repeatedly) gradually faded to just a moment.

The media frenzy repeated itself again in 2006 — this time when Rosenberg reported using another form of immunotherapy to bring about remission in two people with advanced melanoma.Heart-warming anecdotes of the fortunate two prevailed over the 15 patients who died. And again, reporters were more smitten than skeptical.Let’s start with the most egregious coverage: this video segment by Dr.I agree that the story was hyped by the media BUT (couldn’t resist) it is a story worth telling.I first met Judy at the NBCC Leadership conference in 2017.We welcome comments, which users can leave at the end of any of our systematic story reviews or at the end of any of our blog posts.But before leaving a comment, please review these notes about our policy.I was struck by her determination to leave no stone unturned.It was remarkable to me that she, almost serendipitously, discovered the opportunity to participate in this trial through her participation in Project LEAD a year or two earlier.This is where she encountered one of the investigators.One thing led to another and, BAM, she qualified and was entered in to the trial.


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