Rogerian Essay Outline

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When you know your Rogerian essay topic well it would be easy to persuade the opponent in your point of view.Therefore, you have to read some specialized literature on the topic.

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Afterwards you have to present your own point of view and try to find similarities between both standpoints.

Then you have to present the differences and explain their origin.

You should not resign forcefully from your own point of view.

You have to find common points between both theses; if you merely write My point is wrong, the point X is correct, this will not change anything.

The conclusion could consist of a common agreement upon the problem analyzed in the essay.

Not every essay, which tries to find a common solution, is a Rogerian essay.It is evident that it is important to know the principles of argumentation nowadays, in order to avoid being manipulated by the Internet media (including social networks and forums).But besides the traditional principles of argumentation elucidated as early as in Ancient Greece, there is another method for conducting debates: the so-called Rogerian argument. The Internet has become the most popular place for exchanging opinions, rejecting given theories, persuading the audience in ones own point of view.It is a piece of cake to publish and disseminate information, instead of conducting a good discussion which is based upon rational argumentation.The outline has to contain all important theses and arguments which will be part of your Rogerian essay.You can change it as long as you read specialized literature; it always brings new knowledge, thereby leading to changing your thesis.It can be written in the field of Social sciences, Humanities, but not in Natural sciences (which deal mostly with facts and not with opinions).According to the principles of formal logic, it is not possible that two contradicting points of view are true; lets say, that The wall is white and The wall is not white.For instance, the topic is "free tertiary education".The next step is to formulate it precisely: Free tertiary education as giving more career opportunities.


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