Rhetorical Analysis Essay Strategies

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Some use the term in association with political rhetoric, to name the voice and stance, as well as the language that becomes the nature of politics.

Rhetoric can be thought of as the way in which you phrase what you are saying, and the forces that impact what you are saying.

Then, try to determine what the writer is attempting to achieve with the message they are conveying to a predetermined audience; then work to identify the writing strategies s/he is using.

Once the text, artifact or given source has been thoroughly analyzed you can determine whether the intended message was effectively communicated.

The main questions listed below are considered to be broad in nature; with the questions listed via bullet points underneath the broad questions are meant to get at more the specific details of the intended message.

Please remember that this is simply one method for getting you started on reading (and then writing) more critically.

At its very core RHETORIC IS THE ABILITY TO EFFECTIVELY COMMUNICATE AN INTENDED MESSAGE, whether it is via argumentation, persuasion, or another form of communication.

Critical reading is the first step in a rhetorical analysis.

In terms of engaging in critical reading, it is important to begin with broad questions and then work towards asking more specific questions, but in the end the purpose of engaging in critical reading is so that as an analyzer you are asking questions that work to develop the purpose of the artifact, text, or given source you are choosing to analyze.

The following is a list of suggested questions that you may find useful for when you engage in critical reading.


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