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With the introduction of monetization and fringe benefits policy in 2005, civil servants have been paid certain percentage of their basic salary as fringe benefits which are added to the basic salary, meaning an increment in salary of workers.Although, there is much academic debate on the extent to which additional income is a direct motivator (Nwagwu, 2007).

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The project has undertook the general introduction into the research work led to the review of various literature that relates to the major variables involved in the research work especially employees Job Satisfaction.

Structured questionnaire was used for the collection of data and other important information for this study.

It is commonly believed that firms prefer layoffs to worksharing, in part, because layoffs economize on fringe benefit costs.

We find that when labor markets are characterized by optimal implicit contracts, layoffs will never occur in equilibrium, regardless of the level of fringe benefits.

The findings of this study reveal that a correlation exists between perceived fringe benefits, motivation, job satisfaction, and commitment.

The correlation that exists in this study among perceived workers motivation, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment corresponds.In reference to the research study on fringe benefits and employees job satisfaction in the public sector, there is need for further review of different types of fringe benefits as practiced in both private and public sector, the management should also review the welfare package of the members of staffs, to increase their level of motivation and job satisfaction.The result of the study reveals that Nigerian Port Authority has performed fairly well, but it can improve on its achievements making the sky its limits if these recommendations are viewed with rapt attention.TABLE OF CONTENTS Pages TITLE PAGE I ABSTRACT II TABLE OF CONTENTS III CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY 5 1.2 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM 6 1.3 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY 8 1.4 RESEARCH QUESTIONS 9 1.5 RESEARCH HYPOTHESES 9 1.6 SCOPE OF STUDY` 10 1.7 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY 11 1.8 DEFINITIONS OF TERMS 11 1.9 ORGANIZATION OF STUDY 12 CHAPTER TWO: LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 INTRODUCTION 13 2.2 CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK 16 2.3 THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK ON MOTIVATION 20 2.4 STRATEGIES OF MOTIVATING EMPLOYEES 28 2.5 TRENDS IN FRINGE BENEFITS 30 2.6 MOTIVATION AS A TOOL FOR EFFECTIVE JOB SATISFACTION 33 CHAPTER THREE: RESEARCH METHOD 3.0 INTRODUCTION 36 3.1 RESTATEMENT OF RESEARCH QUESTIONS AND HYPOTHESIS 36 3.2 RESEARCH DESIGN 37 3.3 POPULATION OF STUDY 38 3.4 SAMPLE SIZE AND SAMPLING PROCEDURE 39 3.5 DATA COLLECTION INSTRUMENT 39 3.6 ADMINISTRATION OF DATA COLLECTION INSTRUMENT 39 3.7 PROCEDURE FOR DATA ANALYSIS 39 3.8 LIMITATION OF THE METHOD 40 CHAPTER FOUR: DATA PRESENTATION, ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION 4.0 INTRODUCTION 42 4.1 RESPONDENTS’ CHARACTERISTICS AND CLASSIFICATION 42 4.2 PRESENTATION AND ANALYSIS OF DATA ACCORDING TO RESEARCH QUESTIONS 47 4.3 PRESENTATION AND ANALYSIS OF DATA ACCORDING TO TEST OF HYPOTHESES 62 4.4 DISCUSSION OF FINDINGS 66 CHAPTER FIVE: SUMMARY OF FINDINGS, CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS 5.0 INTRODUCTION 68 5.1 SUMMARY OF FINDINGS 68 5.2 CONCLUSION 69 5.3 RECOMMENDATIONS 70 5.4 SUGGESTION FOR FURTHER STUDY 71 REFERENCES 73 QUESTIONNAIRE 75 CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the study The concept of employees’ commitment has received increased attention in the recent times.According to Becker (2000) research literatures are paying increasing attention to the concept of commitment as managers and organizational analysts are continually seeking ways of increasing employee retention and performance.The questionnaire was structured into three (3) sections.Section A is meant to obtain information on the socio demographic profile of respondents.Satisfaction might be found in "sacrificial labour," otherwise referred to as labour of love.Uppermost in our minds should be the quest for self-actualization described by Maslow.Fringe benefits custom essay Payroll is usually the largest expense for a company. While salaries have been flat in recent years, benefits expenses have risen dramatically.Review and conduct academic research on the most Read More …


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