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Kitchen (2010) informs that the theory of marketing mix has evolved from a notion of ‘mixer of ingredients’ a term introduced by James Culliton (1948) during the study of marketing costs conducted in 19.The principle of ‘mixer of ingredients’ consisted of analysing various business processes and marketing efforts looked at as ‘ingredients’ individually in order to find the best combination for the improvement of the business.In addition to emails sent to industrial property agents, telephone interviews were conducted.

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Marketing mix is one of the most popular theoretical frameworks in marketing that has been used by companies in order to make marketing and other decisions in a more efficient manner.

Companies have concentrated on various elements of marketing mix as a source of competitive edge according to the strategy adopted by senior level management in order to achieve long-term aims and objectives.

It would have been ideal to interview industrialists/occupiers as well so as to uncover any issues that are particular to them and may have been missed by the surveyors and developers.

Interviews were carried out as they enable face to face interactions which enabled further questions to be raised during the interview session but as already mentioned; interviews were conducted via email except for a few face to face sessions.

From the information gathered within the interviews the results can be analysed to establish how industrial speculative developments play a role in the property market during periods of economic instability.

It was decided that the interview questions would be sent to surveyors and industrial property agents and specialists based in areas where warehousing / distribution centres are predominant, particularly the East and West Midlands.

Telephone interviews were also carried out but it was viewed that this has the potential to lead to some bias developing that may mislead respondents.

However, this approach was the most appropriate/practical given the time constraints of the respondent concerned.

When deciding upon which research strategy to adopt one would have to identify the purpose of the study and the type and availability of the information that is required (Naoum, 1998).

Both research methods are interconnected and have been considered by scholars to complement each other.


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