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Failure to become a member of the new organization could render the institution ineligible to receive federal funds under the Higher Education Act of 1965.

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How long will Congress wait for more young people to be harmed?

Given the current state of NCAA and institutional mismanagement of highly competitive football and basketball programs, the U. Congress should immediately act to establish a federally chartered organization to replace a dysfunctional NCAA to protect college athletes in the same way that it did to protect open amateur sports athletes in 1978.

Football and basketball programs are routinely requiring 40 to 50 hours of sport-related activity during the regular season, making it almost impossible for serious academic achievement and curricular exploration.

Athletic departments are running opaque academic support programs in which staff have direct conflicts of interest from managing athletes’ eligibility by seeking easy classes and friendly professors to ensure their continued participation on the field or court to control of legions of tutors who bring into question the authorship of athletes’ classwork.

With concussion-related lawsuits growing, Congress is beginning to realize the NCAA has lost its way and our children are being placed at continued risk of mistreatment.

The NFL limits contact practices in football to twice per week while no similar restrictions exist for college sport.Even our finest public and private institutions, like the Universities of North Carolina and Notre Dame, have been rocked by academic fraud scandals and flagrant institutional mismanagement of academic oversight.First-year competition of admitted athletes should be tied to those whose academic profiles are within one standard average of the student body of the institution rather the woefully inadequate current NCAA qualification standards.It is clear that the NCAA is experiencing an era of discontent and public distrust.Emmert’s promise of corrective change amounted to no more than a power grab by the so-called Big 5 conferences, giving increased autonomy to the wealthiest schools to further maximize revenue.College football players at all division levels are at similar risk of brain injury.Even the USOC has a code of conduct governing the behavior of coaches, while NCAA coaches are offered no such guidance with regard to prohibiting the physical, verbal and mental abuse of athletes.The association has lost control of college athletics.Congress should step in to create an alternative, as it did in another amateur sports realm in the 1970s, Donna Lopiano and Gerald Gurney write.Practice should also be limited to no more than 10 hours per week for those students needing remediation.A standard for participation measured against the student body of the institution sets academic primacy over athletics and affords the opportunity for remediation of college readiness before imposing competition on the athlete.


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