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The file is plain text and it can only be edited using Notepad or your La Te X editor.

Bib Te X example: You should enter your references in the Bib Te X file in the following format. @Book{You can use anything you want as the citation key, but it is recommended that you choose something systematic that can easily differentiate between publications.

With this facility you can get your references exported to your Bib Te X file very easily without entering/editing them manually.

The steps below will assist you to export references from End Note to Bib Te X file: The following commands will insert the bibliography in your document.

Jegathala Krishnan, "Implementation of renewable energy to reduce carbon consumption and fuel cell as a back-up power for national broadband network (NBN) in Australia," Ph.

State or Country if the City is not 'well known''), Year of Publication.

You can find many easily installable and usable Te X distributions on the CTAN website as well as important support documentation.

Please also visit the La Te X Project website for more information and instructions.

La Te X is widely used by scientists, engineers and other academics, because it makes it easy to typeset any complex mathematical formulae.

Below is an example of a simple La Te X document in its plain text form and the final PDF output. The distribution contains the typesetting system as well as many packages that you may use when writing La Te X documents.


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