Reading Comprehension Assignments

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These fun reading comprehension activities help students learn how to understand what a story or reading passage is all about. Go beyond basic story understanding with these reading comprehension questions.Know what to work on with this free printable reading comprehension cheat sheet!// Growing Book by Book Focus reading comprehension with these reading discussion questions.

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Kids can learn how to retell stories quickly and efficiently with these printable story trains.

// Schooling a Monkey This idea for reading comprehension gives kids a direction for their doodles.

Progress is shown on an intuitive report, replete with actionable, meaningful insights.

When students have difficulty comprehending what they’re reading, not only could they have trouble in nearly every subject in school, but they miss out on the joy of exploring new worlds, traveling back in time, and solving mysteries alongside their peers.

There is so much more to reading than just sounding out words.

Kids need to be able to THINK about what they’re reading too! Stretch kids’ thinking with some comprehension questions, print a helpful list of mini lesson ideas and more…// No Time for Flash Cards If kids love building with bricks, they will love this creative way to teach reading comprehension with LEGOs!// The Educator’s Spin on It Walk through the basics of inferring story details with this fun activity.// The Measured Mom Learn how to identify the most important details of a story with this activity.// This Reading Mama Young readers will love these colorful reading comprehension worksheets.Brenda is a homeschooling mom to two girls and a professional writer and blogger at Schoolinga She hated STEM in school, but with two STEM-loving daughters, Brenda was forced to embrace all things science and is now an unapologetic science geek.And the stats, unfortunately, show that reading scores could still use a boost.The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) compared 2013 national reading scores with scores from 2015.// This Reading Mama Never struggle with reading lesson ideas again!Download a batch of free reading cheat sheets so that you have a mega list of “just right” topics right at your fingertips.


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