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Pay attention to the number of pages, font, spaces, a list of used sources.There is a huge gap between a dissertation that is 150 pages with 14 point font versus the same length at 12 point font.Note, that the process of creating the roadmap requires an excellent preparation and deep research.

Remember, that you should deliver your plan to your professors, advisors, committee.

They need to evaluate your thesis proposal and make sure that you are going to move in the right direction, that you have all the tools to prove your points.

The abstracts contain an introduction to the proposed theme, the main statement of your thesis, an exploration of how you are going to find the answers to the issues and the conclusion of your research if completed successfully.

Here you have to give the context of your work in order to catch the reader’s interest.

First of all, you should show the overall approach to your work.

You can use quantitative methods, qualitative methods or you can mix them.With that, I wanna cover some traps and best practices, but before I do, I wanna review what a project proposal is, when we use it, and a few reminders about writing one. We use it at the project kick-off, and it’s used to coordinate resources, whether they’re human resources or material resources, task, equipment, raw materials that are needed in a specific timeframe. The executive summary, the background, and the proposal. You don’t wanna wait to the end and run out of time where maybe you haven’t been able to leave with the approvals or the signoffs that you need.Also, another trap can be asking the sponsor for the solution. If you provide too many options, it could be another point of confusion and then leave with no decision.As soon as you are sure that your theme is unique and you are ready to fight for it, you can start the process of creating the roadmap.There are some tips that help you to write a good thesis proposal: It’s been proved that a difficulty level of writing a thesis proposal and the whole dissertation will be reduced as soon as you review all requirements given to you.Make sure, that you will not leave questions unanswered.Here you have to write a brief summary of your thesis, it should have about 200 words.Don’t feel blue if your tutors ask you to make some changes.The outline of your thesis is very important as on which your future success depends.Know if they’re more strategic in their thinking or more analytical.Know if they’re more visual or need more data, and be sure to have that in your presentation. If the people who are present leave and they get in their day and maybe time goes by, they’re going to forget what was said, what was agreed to, and a few specifics.


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