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Step 7: Insert a short column candle, votive or battery-operated light in the pumpkin.If the candle is not in a holder, form a holder from aluminum foil and secure the candle with a few drops of melted wax.(If the pumpkin shell is thin, the cutter may be pounded all the way through the shell.) Step 2: Remove the cookie cutter, using a needle-nose pliers if needed.

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Remove paper, and use a pen or dull-point pencil to connect the dots. Step 4: Cradle the pumpkin in your lap, and keep the pumpkin saw or small paring knife at a 90-degree angle to the pumpkin while carving.

If using the latter, simply cut down one side of the grocery bag, then cut off the base of the bag so you have a big rectangle of brown paper.

Layer a few of these on the table and you’re good to go.

Carve from dot to dot to cut out the pattern shapes.

If an older child wants to help, the saw is much safer than a knife but still requires adult supervision.


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