Problem Solving Work Backwards

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The main idea is to identify the operation ( / – / x / ÷ ) and then reverse it to get to the previous stage.Since we are aware that there were 24 passengers on the bus in the end, this is where we’ll start.

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Essentially, working backwards means that features or products will always hold intrinsic value to the customer, as they will be rooted in solving a specific and tangible problem. Perhaps not, otherwise every company out there would offer a brilliant CX.

Then again, it’s not all that difficult to implement when you take into consideration these key points.

If it had the atmosphere of Curry’s, it might prove less appealing… This all stems from Steve Jobs himself, who once said that “you have to start with the customer experience and work backwards towards the technology”.

So, why is this method so effective when it comes to creating an effective CX strategy? The ‘working backwards’ method is defined by a focus on the customer need.

Instead, you might be more likely to think about the brand as a whole, the over-arching customer service it offers, or even the role it plays in your life.

Take the Apple Store, for instance, where the customer experience is arguably as innovative and important as the products themselves.

In doing so, you’re bound to find your missing item lying somewhere.

Spongey boarded the bus when there were some passengers on it.

Amazon is another example of a brand that works backwards, particularly when it comes to developing or updating new products.

One part of its strategy is to first write an internal press release describing the end product, largely basing it around a specific customer problem.


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