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The Power of Positive Thinking: 5 Questions to Transform Problem Solving Go from problem-solving to opportunity-creating using the power of positive thinking.This tool also uses 5 problem solving questions to help you radically change the way you solve problems.It’s straighforward to use and easy to adapt to any specific circumstance.

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You can find a wide range of articles on the Happy Manager which use problem solving questions as a basis of solving management problems.

Here are a few of the best: Best Management Tools Ever?

Problem Solving Technique: 4 Steps To Improve Your Processes Using questions to analyse, challenge and improve business and management processes is a very useful skill.

Problem Solving Activity – A Question Checklist For Problem Solving This question checklist is a simple but effective problem solving activity.

Here are 5 problem solving questions we think are understated ideas at the heart of effective problem solving, but they’re often missed in our rush towards a solution.

We also list key articles on this site where you can find more comprehensive checklistsand tools with structured problem solving questions.Most problem solving processes miss this crucial stage of “problem finding” and as a result tend towards being re-active processes that purely respond to problems as they emerge.Asking this question is an essential problem solving skill to find the “right” problems to solve.Solving a problem should lead to an appreciation of what you are now able to do.Firstly to value the benefits derived from solving the problem and secondly to ask what should you look at next?You may want to read a comprehensive Seven Step Problem Solving Process with links to a wide range of tools to help you solve problems in our article.Alternatively if you want a quick over view read our manage in a minute article: 7 Problem Solving Steps. Follow this link for the full list of Manage in a Minute pages.2 Have you found a problem that is important and valuable to solve?This is one of the best questions you can ask because it leads you to start to find problems: valuable problems to solve.Problem Solving Skill This is a useful tool to help you find the right problems to solve.Asking “why not” is an effective way to seek innovation and encourage creativity.


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