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In addition to an Index of terms towards the end of the text, each chapter summary includes the technical terms used, along with a bulleted-list of important points discussed in that chapter.

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It starts with the concept of Objects and problem solving skills and then dive into Java programming language syntax. read more see less This textbook covers Object-Oriented Programming with Java programming language pretty well.Nonetheless, the concepts of Object-Oriented Programming and Java programming language syntax are mostly current.Any updates to the contents of the textbook can be implemented with minimal effort. Each chapter starts with introduction to a problem, and then discussion and design of the solution with UML diagrams; then Java is used to implement the solution(s).There are no issues, as long as navigation is done one page after another manually.However, when browsing through the table of contents (TOC) or the Index, the entries are not set up using any live links.There is a consistent theme throughout much of the text: A topic is introduced and discussed within the context of a problem.Its solution is then designed and explained using UML diagrams; finally, Java is used to illustrate how the solution is implemented on the computer.Some sample codes are not well written or inconsistent in terms of the use of indentation and new lines.Many URLs are obsolete and the web pages are not accessible.In the later chapters, this textbook also introduces advanced topics such as concurrent programming, network/socket programming and data structures.The textbook provides table of contents at the beginning and index of terms at the end.


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