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At the other end, last year, fraudsters emptied the bank account of a close friend of mine because one of the firms with which he had to share his personal information online to obtain services had passed it to the fraudsters. The Number 17 June Role of the in Internet Privacy Protection While the number of internet users is rapidly growing, a number of concerns related to the use of the World Wide Web has multiplied recently.At the turn of the 19th century privacy was defined as the “right to be let alone” (Warren & Brandeis 193) Whereas internet users agree that privacy is generally about human dignity as well as protection of private property, in the virtual world, this notion is narrowed.However various laws are in place for internet privacy and more are being formulated as vulnerability constantly increases online.

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This is a number that cannot personally identify you.

But the ISP knows which IP address is assigned to which client.

Once you email someone you are providing them with your name, other than that all the information that is sent in the email can also is accessed.

Random monitoring of everyone’s emails is an extremely tough task and also against privacy.

To whatextent—if at all—do you think the authors are correct about their concerns? The major risk of identity theft is not from computer users but from the companies’ security systems, keeping detailed histories of individual information, such as credit statements, critical social security and driving license numbers.

The internet privacy is under attack through identity theft, which has become so common that more than 10 million people were made target of identity theft in 2005 in the U. This.....some individuals who have no qualms about destroying the lives of other people.The other is monitoring of email and web usage by ISPs or the government for security purposes.Government, security agencies all have the right to accessing information over the internet.It often becomes the matter of security not just for an individual but for the whole nation as well.For them it is extremely crucial and also the matter of life and death to have access to information and find criminals and terrorists.Most people are not aware of this fact which is why many argue about the right of privacy.There are mainly two types of concern over privacy.Another sensitive matter is that a person in most cases is not even aware of the fact that she/he is being watched.Various intelligent software, bots and sensing devices follow everything from the mouse movement, to the clicking behaviour, to the websites visited to basically every activity performed.Granted this information is secure and subject to tough laws but still there is no confirmed way of saying that this information cannot be leaked.Google for example tries to offer a personalized service with using that data.


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