Preschool Homework Printables

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(Click the playlist folder button with the arrow on it toward the bottom right if you’d like to quickly select which video you want to watch from the playlist.)Fish Number Sense Rain Number Sense Sensory Play Flower Petal Addition Facts Flower Number Sense Activities Ladybug One More One Less Activity Mat and Recording Sheet Ladybug Number Sense Math Centers Coin Identification Sorting Sheets and Matching Puzzles Dinosaur Counting Mats Jack & the Beanstalk Math Spring Tree Fine Motor Math Beach Theme Counting Mats Roll and Color Summer Math Seashell Numbers Math Mats Counting Worms Cubes Roll and Color Apple Math Roll and Color Crayon Math Apple Counting Mats Roll and Color Easter Math Flower Theme Number Cards Caterpillar Egg Counting Insect Counting Mats Bird Watch Tally Sheet Domino Number Sense Roll and Color St.

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Pave the road to kindergarten with fun activities to provide valuable practice and teach a wide variety of skills.We also have a wide variety of free printable activities here on Fantastic Fun and Learning.Take a few minutes to watch videos for some of our free printables.The preschool printables featured below are listed in alphabetical order by theme.I thought this would be the easiest way to organize them since there are so many.I’d love for lots of people to make use of these so please feel free to share these resources with others.Preschool is the perfect time to make math fun and relevant for kids.Preschool teachers, head over to Preschool Teacher 101 where you’ll find time-saving resources that your students and their families will love.All Preschool Teacher 101 Lesson Plans Include: And if you’re still thinking about teaching preschool at home but haven’t started yet, you can grab our Guide to Getting Started with Home Preschool to help make it a smooth transition.Research shows there is a strong correlation between the development of a child early in life and the level of success they will achieve later in life. Let them know that learning is important and, most important, that you are proud of each new milestone reached.If you would like to use the worksheets or activity pages more than once, I recommend printing the sheet on card-stock paper for added durability and placing in a clear page protector.


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