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This requires a common value system among organizational members of which this condition is usually met.

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Pressure, coalition and legitimating were usually ineffective whereby it involve negative relation between these tactics and target commitment that reflects the frequent use of influence attempts when resistance is anticipated or has already occurred in an earlier influence attempt.

These tactics are likely to be viewed as socially undesirable types of influence behavior in many situations and the target may become resentful of angry with the person who is trying to coerce or manipulate the other person.

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On the other hand, authority is a form of power that does not imply force, but rather involves a suspension of judgment on the part of its recipients.

Directives or orders are followed because simply it is believed that it ought to be followed whereby compliance is voluntary.Therefore, influence is actually a process through which an attempt to extract compliance with the intentions from others.In terms of power, it refers to the capability of an individual to influence the behavior of another person so that another person will act in accordance with the individual wishes.In general, consultation, inspirational appeal and rational persuasion were the most effective for influencing task commitment regardless of the direction.These three tactics all involve an attempt to change the target’s attitude about the desirability of influence attempts in all three directions.The nine types of influence tactics are as below: The person seeks the other person’s participation to plan a strategy, change or activity for which the other person assistance and support are needed, or the person is willing to adjust a proposal to deal with the other person’s concerns and suggestions.The person offers an exchange of favors that indicated willingness in reciprocating at a later time or promises the other person a share of the benefits if the other person’s help to accomplish a task.Influence is a fundamental aspect of life in organization and it is unlikely that organizations could function at all without it.Almost all organizational members engage or attempt in influencing others and virtually everyone in any organization is subject to the influence of others.The outcome of any particular influence attempt is determined by many factors besides influencing tactics and any tactic can result in target resistance if it is not appropriate for the situation or is used in an unskillful manner.A strong relationship exists between the types of influence tactics used and the relative power of agents as well as targets.


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