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It’s also an opening to further tailor your application to the Ph D project specification.Here, you can directly address and match your skills and experiences to the skills and experiences asked for.For example, for Ph D positions it was natural to state the people I'd like to work with.

These are important qualities for a postgraduate applicant, but they can be quite hard to show in a CV or application form.

Because while I really would like to work with, and learn from, AAA and YYY, since I'm applying for a tenure track position, aren't I supposed to be something approximating to a finished article - ready to stand on my own and complement my colleagues?

In this case, would it not be better just to state why my research would complement the research profile of the department?

First, we start with mistakes that you should avoid otherwise your email will be landed in the trash/spam of the host professor.

Now that I'm sitting down to put together some applications for philosophy job positions, it occurs to me that I don't know how to write a cover letter for the American job market.


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