Poetry Submission Cover Letter

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Featured Poems are published online only and will spotlight a number of poems from new authors each month. We are thrilled to offer significant payment to our partner poets: $50 per poem, up to $150.

We are proud to be paying for published pieces but will be highly selective in our choices for publication.

Please note that mailed, hard-copy submissions may experience a long delay in response time.

Mailed submissions should be addressed to Fiction Editor, Poetry Editor, or Nonfiction Editor: Please include your name and contact information on the first page of your manuscript; cover letters are optional.

In fact, aims to showcase work that is daring and innovative, as well as providing a platform for underrepresented voices.” They are open to every style and format of poetry, with an acceptance rate of 12.24%.

Believe me, this is relatively high, considering the more respected journals’ acceptance rate is usually less than one percent.We do consider translated works, following the genre guidelines above.For translations of works not in the public domain, it is the translator's responsibility to secure permission from the author or the author's estate for rights to translate the work into English. Do not send a second submission until you have received a response to the first. Simultaneous submissions are okay as long as they are identified as such in a cover letter.Add to Calendar Our landscape has exploded with presses and magazines over the last few decades with the advent of digital publications—so many good poems have been found, celebrated, and, unfortunately, forgotten.We want to bring light to those lost pieces of poetry—the work that you love but no longer receives the attention it deserves. 1st Place: 00 Publication 2nd Place: 0 Publication 3rd Place: 0 Publication Submissions for our Featured Poetry category are open year round to poets at any stage of their career.As we all know, starting a career as a writer is pretty difficult.You’re a young writer who’s practiced your craft for years, writing page after page of work, until finally, you’ve written something that you feel the literary world needs to see… Most people don’t know where to go from here, whether they’re in high school or college.For reprints we ask for acknowledgement of its publication in Palette Poetry first.For questions regarding submissions, please see our FAQ page.We strongly recommend submitting electronically via our submissions portal.However, if you are unable to do so, you may submit via USPS.


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