Plan For Vacation Essay

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You may be tempted to stray from the main argument but it is important to stay focused, as you will be penalised if your argument is not always seen to be relevant to the question.

Careful planning can help with this as you can ensure that when you make your essay plan, you are certain that each paragraph topic is linked directly to the question.

The ability to write a good essay begins with careful and efficient planning.

This means that the preparation and research of an essay are as important, if not more so, than the actual writing.

Remember that the main body of the essay is building towards a conclusion, so make your plan reflect this.

The conclusion of your essay must be as carefully planned as the rest of your essay.Remember that all referencing, in your in-text quotes and your reference list and/or bibliography, must be in the referencing style required by your school, college or university.These are very different but employ two basic styles: You need to find out precisely which style is adopted by your academic institution and adhere to it strictly as the structure and formatting of the reference differs from type to type.your response to the question; a brief outline of the methodology you intend to employ; and an overview of the works you intend to centre on.You should close with a ‘hooking sentence’ which links to the opening paragraph of the main body of your essay.In other words, it should leave the reader with a clear idea of what you have argued throughout, how well you believe you have accomplished it, and what possible future areas of study might be carried out.At the planning stage, the conclusion might be constructed as a series of notes taken from each paragraph stating briefly what was achieved in each.You will need to look at the key texts for the subject you are going to discuss and jot down references from each piece to use as quotes to support the points you make in your essay.It is a good idea to look at the references and bibliographies of these texts as they will give you more ideas about how to extend your own research.Your library should have a copy of the style guide available for you to consult.It is very important to stick to this as varying from it will lose you marks.


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