Philosophy Essay On Utilitarianism

It lay behind calls on the government to pass policies that would benefit all equally, not just the ruling elite.

It is also the reason why utilitarianism is very far removed from any kind of egoism.

But he does think that the world is a better place if there is more pleasure and less suffering among the animals as well as among us.

So we should at least avoid causing animals unnecessary suffering.

John Hospers critiques utilitarianism and shows that rule utilitarianism under more specific and stricter rules would promote utility better.... He talks about two different types one is extreme utilitarianism and the other is restricted utilitarianism.

[tags: Utilitarianism, Ethics, Jeremy Bentham] - The author J. The first one is called Extreme utilitarianism which is an action that gives you the greatest amount of happiness, for the most amounts of people is the right action, no matter what the moral rule is.

Now Mill admits that we seem to value some things other than pleasure and happiness for their own sake—we value health, beauty, and knowledge in this way.

But he argues that we never value anything unless we associate it in some way with pleasure or happiness.

Utilitarians like the Australian philosopher Peter Singer take this idea of treating everyone equally very seriously.

Singer argues that we have the same obligation to help needy strangers in far-off places as we have to help those closest to us.


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