Phd Thesis Mistakes

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Text and tables should be complementary and help the reader take away whatever message you want to convey.This makes a lot of decisions very person-dependant.So have fun experimenting with how you want to write your thesis!Undergraduate students are not allowed into the library!The undergraduates are on the receiving end of a pretty forceful command.Try to position the relevant tables and figures close to the text in which they are mentioned, to avoid us having to flick pages back and forth. Use clear headings and subheadings and make sure the content of the text beneath them actually relates to the heading.Try to be consistent throughout the thesis – for example in your use of number of decimal points, and in your use of terminology (if it starts as respiratory, don’t switch to pulmonary). Structure your writing Within the basic Abstract, Introduction, Lit review, Method, Results, Discussion, Conclusion framework, try and make it easy for your reader to follow your thinking. Make your Appendix easy to find your way around as well, by giving it a clear table of contents and page numbers.Some people suggest reading it aloud to yourself, partly to be sure it makes sense, and partly to check sentences are not too long. Examiners are not impressed by flowery, verbose use of language. It will accept ‘through’ when you mean ‘thorough’, ‘pneumatic’ when you mean ‘pneumonia’ and so on.Your institution will have basic rules on font, spacing, margins, structure, word limit. The maximum word limit is exactly that – it is a limit, not a target. Some mistakes will inevitably slip through, but do your very best not to let them.Ensure tables and figures are clear, fit onto the page, have good headers and keys.The rule is that you should be able to understand the table/ figure without referring to the text.


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