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Focus on claims and supports that your audience care about the most.Example: In the case of opposing the new highway proposal, a persuasive essay delivered to the local business owners would focus on different claims than an essay delivered to the local hikers or fishing club.If you have an opportunity to show your audience how happy they will be if they agree with you – do it!

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The writer’s goal is to persuade the audience to choose one side over the other(s).

In this essay, the writer is choosing the side of ‘basketball’ over ‘baseball’.

The essay makes the claim that “dogs are more friendly and sociable than cats.” This claim needs to be backed up with factual evidence.

Different people will be persuaded by different claims.

This essay might also bring up fears of increased taxes to pay for the highway in order to emotionally persuade people to oppose the highway proposal. Topic: A persuasive essay must state the topic clearly so that the audience knows what the focus is.

The author should also express the importance of the topic to show why the audience should care. Stance: The stance of a persuasive essay is the side of the issue that the author supports.Business owners would be persuaded by a claim that construction would shut down the roads and hurt local businesses.A claim that the highway would damage natural habitats would be successful with the hikers or fishing club.A combination of facts and emotions makes for the strongest persuasive essay.Writing an argumentative essay is even a more complex task than an ordinary essay, as it requires collecting more facts, details and proofs that support your point of view.The essay would persuade the audience to agree by introducing evidence to support their side.For instance, the writer could talk about the higher scoring and faster pace of basketball, and the fact that baseball is affected by the weather while basketball is not.This type of persuasive essay is used when the writer wants the audience to say ‘no’ or disagree with something – and idea, opinion, or action.The author of this essay opposes the town’s plans to allow a new highway to be built nearby.The stance should be stated strongly and clearly so that there is no doubt what the author’s stance is. Support: Support is the evidence used to prove the author’s claim.The support should be based on solid facts, but may also include emotional factors to convince the readers to accept the claim.


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