Persuasive Essay Cigarette Smoking

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Nicotine is a nasty and highly addictive drug, once hooked most people find it extremely difficult to stop.

Nicotine also causes blood pressure to rise and may cause and therefore the rest of the body.It should also be known that a smoker’s health risks are high and that smoking is a problem that can only be solved if they never again take a cigarette in their hands. Hepatitis awareness is an important part of school education, especially in high schools. Today’s school children are in the risk group of these two totally unrelated viruses.Policy makers usually recommend schools to contribute to disseminating of information and education on viral hepatitis. Nowadays all people seem to be aware of the health risks smoking entails. In some countries it has brought about some drastic measures such as banning smoking altogether in the offices and in public places.Tar can also cause lung cancer which is life threatning. Carbon monoxide is a poisoness gas, which like tar, also prevents oxygen from getting around the body. smokers cough is when smokers have to clear the tubes in their throat and lungs. would you really want to inflict yourself with all these Another thing that people may not realise about smoking is you can loose parts of your body! if your body looses too much oxygen to one certain part of your body you may have to have that part of your body amputated.i don’t know about you but i’d rather keep all of my body parts. I’m sure that you do not, but many other people do and not all of them are aware of the harm caused by cigarette smoke.The best way to show that smoking hurts people and the society is to divide all the negative influences into several categories.Health risks: lung cancer, larynx cancer, asthma, heart attack, esophagus, cardiovascular and bladder diseases, emphysema, stroke, second-hand smoke risk, etc.Appearance: bad breath, yellow teeth and finger tips, disgusting smell of hair, fingers, clothes, wrinkling skin, etc.i hope these facts have convinced you that smoking is nothing but bad for you. Preparing a convincing speech about the dangers of smoking and how to quit the habit is something that literally saves lives.


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