Persuasive Essay Book Report

For high school students, an author may set up charts, illustrations, small quizzes, or questions to make the discussion of the topic fun and engaging.

But a piece written for a scholarly audience, for instance, may include a more complex vocabulary and less engaging content.

Each can help a reader decide whether they would be interested in a book or if it's research-worthy.

The basic guidelines of the whole "how to write a book report" debacle are simple.

So this information should be limited to only a few sentences.

It has to give the reader just enough background information to understand the circumstances in which the book was written.

So a question you may have is, how will you know who the intended audience is?

It's very simple — a few clues to look for are: By looking at any one of these areas, you can determine whether the author is writing to a general audience or a more specialized one.

It provides only a small amount of summarized content and focuses mainly on interpretation and evaluation.

Both assignments work to present information about a particular book and provide relevant details regarding its structure and foundation.


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