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Personal Essay S 2009-10
Split into four sections—"Reading," "Being," "Seeing," and "Feeling"—Changing My Mind in A sparkling collection of Zadie Smith's nonfiction over the past decade.Split into four sections—"Reading," "Being," "Seeing," and "Feeling"—Changing My Mind invites readers to witness the world from Zadie Smith's unique vantage.I have contributed essays to Good Housekeeping, Parents, The New York Times, Health, Women’s Health, O, Wine Enthusiast, Spirituality & Health, Your, The Los Angeles Times and more.

NEXT CLASS: Starts September 16, 2019 DURATION: 6 weeks COST: $325 for the Premium version with six weeks of e-mail support and critiques of two essays. If so, I invite you to participate in a 4-week intensive workshop to delve more deeply into the essay genre to help you find your story, tell it and sell it!

$225 for the Basic version with no e-mail support or critiques. NEXT CLASS: Starts January 13, 2020 DURATION: 4 weeks COST: $225 with full support and critique of one essay.

I have been writing for many years in several different forms but had never tried writing essays.

Amy’s instruction was clear, well thought out and organized.

Through well-organized lesson and assignments, Amy lays out everything I needed to know about generating story ides, writing, editing, pitching and submitting essays.

And Amy’s critiques, coupled with the interaction and feedback from other class participants, was invaluable in helping me improve my writing.I’ve been writing essays for a while, but had little idea how to make them salable or where to submit them.Not only did Amy’s guidance help improve my essay drafts, but she taught the class valuable techniques for writing and editing our work to create effective essays that will sell. I walked away with a number of essay ideas and the belief that I had stories to tell.It gave me the jumpstart I needed and since taking the class, I’ve sold essays to The Washington Post, Scary Mommy and Runner’s World (Zelle). As an editor, I know how much time and energy it takes to respond the way she does to students’ work.We prefer to consider one essay at a time from any given writer: Rather than send a number of essays and asking us to choose, it's best if you choose your favourite essay to submit.Any one writer can appear a maximum of four times a year on the Facts & Arguments page.Most importantly, she inspired me to get off my behind and WRITE – the best sign of a good teacher!I would recommend this course to new writers as well as seasoned writers who are looking to sharpen their skills, and especially to anyone with a desire to write but needs a kick start!You will not be contacted if it has not been chosen for publication. A good essay often involves an observation about a person, a situation or yourself, an analysis of that observation that might lead to a change of mind or a different perspective, and an extrapolation to a larger truth or a bigger question.Seasonal essays should be submitted at least three to four weeks before the event, so the submission can be considered and, if accepted, an illustration can be commissioned: It's not the best idea to send an essay with a Christmas theme on Dec. And remember: Essays are non-fiction and they're true.


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