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You “preventive medicine” for your essays rather than “preventative medicine.” Yes, you can say “PA” instead of typing out the uncapitalized “physician assistant” every single time, but you should use “physician assistant (PA)” the first time so that they know what your acronym represents.You should have multiple revisions before submitting to CASPA.Your statement must be written in your own words and may not exceed 5,000 characters (not words).”It is such a daunting task to write about yourself.

Whatever it is about you that led you to the PA profession, write about it.

As always, avoid cliches; if you have to use one, find a way to make it stand out and don't write as if you are expecting pity. In essence, demonstrate diversity, interest, honesty, commitment, compassion, drive, sensitivity, and/or enthusiasm. Don’t use the personal narrative as a comedy forum and don’t be too philosophical. Consider how much of your essay will address how you were introduced and became familiar with medicine.

At that point he realized that the same people that were giving him “advice” on his essay were competing for the same seats in PA school!

Sure, there were plenty of generic “essay revision” sites that would help you with grammar and syntax, but there was nothing available to help with Brian wants to offer future PA students the help they need with their personal narrative.

A service that ensures your essay is read by people familiar with the process themselves.

Just because someone has a bachelor’s degree in English does of them employ practicing PAs.

“PAs” is the only grammatically correct way to pluralize PA.

“PA's” is an incorrect way to pluralize PA and is a violation of the UN Charter on Human Rights. “Health care” with no hyphen is the formal way of spelling health care according to Webster’s Medical. Admissions committees do not care either way, as long as you remain consistent throughout your essay.

In my honest opinion, and from what I have read, you should not.

If it is absolutely crucial to proving a point and you have no other way to get around it, then you take that risk.


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