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As one might expect, the checklist also happens to be a great list of things an author should consider before submitting a manuscript.

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Or, to use another metaphor, if you’re building a house you dig the foundation and put up the frame before you start worrying about the wallpaper and curtains.

I’ve focused on four main areas of revision here, which are the areas most students tend to need to work on.

Probably the single most common error in student papers, made by novices and experts alike, is the comma splice.

This and other errors are explained in these pages at Grammar Bytes, but in a nutshell a comma splice is joining two complete sentences with a comma, rather than a as required.

But for the peer-review process to fulfill its goals, the reviews must be of good quality. Alas, I suspect that none of us has ever been trained in proper science-paper reviewing—we generally figure it out through experience.

Anyone who has published a fair number of papers knows that some reviews are of much higher quality than others (independent of the ultimate fate of any given manuscript).To be clear, neither editors nor reviewers need to use a formal checklist when writing a review.The attached list is a guideline to help both editors and reviewers make sure that the most important aspects of a scientific paper are considered.A good review teaches the author about writing and about science, resulting not only in one better paper, but in making every subsequent paper the author writes better.It also makes the job of the editor significantly easier. Over the last three years I’ve written a series of editorials on what it takes to write a good scientific paper.After reading and critically evaluating a manuscript, the reviewer must now convey that evaluation to the journal editors.In all cases, a respectful and constructive tone should be used.It can be hard to spot errors in an essay you’ve read a dozen times already, but there are some tricks that help you see them with fresh eyes.The best way to catch them is to break up the flow of ideas.Neither SPIE nor the owners and publishers of the content make, and they explicitly disclaim, any express or implied representations or warranties of any kind, including, without limitation, representations and warranties as to the functionality of the translation feature or the accuracy or completeness of the translations. Your use of this feature and the translations is subject to all use restrictions contained in the Terms and Conditions of Use of the SPIE website. We require a minimum of two independent reviews before we will accept a manuscript, though it remains the editor’s decision on whether a manuscript is ultimately accepted or rejected.There are many kinds of peer review, so to be specific JM practices an editor-driven external peer review of author-submitted manuscripts.


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