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While we are not sure how far their methods are effective, we can tell from experience that if we intensify our own suffering as if it is a virtue, without ever trying to learn from it consciously, we will lose the zest for living and our resilience to face the challenges of life.It is like stretching an elastic string till it loses its elasticity.We also suffer when we are brought into contact with what we dislike or when what we like is taken away from us, when we identify ourselves with other's suffering, when we are envious of someone who is happy and so on. However, most of it is self-created by our actions, thoughts and beliefs.

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Samkhya and Yoga prescribe physical and mental exercises to control and restraint of the body, the mind and the senses to free oneself from the afflictions (klesas) of human life.

In Sikhism we are advised to live with a spirit of devotion and surrender to God and doing good deeds.

Over a time our thinking and attitude towards suffering develops into a familiar pattern, so much so that we learn to accept it as natural and integral to our personalities.

Scientific experiments prove that we can learn to deal with our suffering in effective ways through practice and that we all can potentially increase our threshold of tolerance to physical and mental pain by changing our thinking and the way we respond to it.

Our suffering is mitigated to the extent we learn from it and correct ourselves.

Those who understand suffering regard it as such and learn from it.

In the spiritual plane we should look for better solutions that are conducive to our inner growth and self-transformation.

The method recommended in most traditions is to accept suffering for whatever it is worth.

Every religion intends to provide an effective solution to the problem of suffering.

The Buddha proposed the Four Noble Truths and the Eight fold path.


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