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This is the best part to show how a man, like Iago, can quickly change faces and sides to best suit his goals and schemes.Through out the whole play Iago s actions show that he is able to show different faces to different people, making them all believe that he is honest and a dear friend.The only thing that got Iago caught was his own greed.

This is the best part to show how a man, like Iago, can quickly change faces and sides to best suit his goals and schemes.Through out the whole play Iago s actions show that he is able to show different faces to different people, making them all believe that he is honest and a dear friend.The only thing that got Iago caught was his own greed.

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Upon first read, Othello, the Moor of Venice, certainly appears to follow many of these conventions. After marrying Desdemona, Othello's first thoughts are of war: "The tyrant custom, most grave senators,/Hath made the flinty and steel couch of war/My thrice-driven bed of down" (I.3). Iago calls the Moor a devil: "Or else the devil will make…… [Read More] ithout magic, Brabantio argues, Desdemona would not have chosen "So opposite to marriage that she shunned" and would not "Run from her guardage to the sooty bosom, / of such a thing as thou -- to fear, not to delight" (1.2.66-70). "Betrayal, Violence of Shakespeare's Tragic 'Othello' Are Rejiggered Around High School Basketball in 'O'." Rev. [Read More] Othello is, indeed, unable to 'read' Iago fully, and is initially overly confident that his merit will transcend cultural barriers. "Othello, the Moor of Venice," Literature and the Writing Process. Edited by Elizabeth Mc Mahan, Susan X Day, and Robert Funk. Chief among these tragedies is Othello, which portrays the aspect of love in different ways. Othello loathes the idea of marriage which makes men believe that they have their wives faithful to them forever and also tricks them into believing that their "appetites" are also saved for their husbands alone.

However, closer discernment of Shakespeare's characterization of Othello reveals that the Moor is not a truly Aristotelian tragic hero. Even before Othello can enjoy his wedding night with Desdemona, he must leave her for the military field, and the two are separated. [Read More] Works Cited The Riverside Shakespeare, 2nd Edition. Iago and Brabantio's attitudes toward people of color were very much in line with popular Elizabethan views of black people during Shakespeare's time. By the end of the play, Othello has become so suspicious and twisted by racism that he is unrecognizable, even to himself: "Is this the / noble Moor whom our full senate/Call all in all sufficient? (4.1) parallel situation for a Black athlete is not hard to imagine. Through the eyes of the varied characters, the audience can see that love is easily thrown about to mean a number of things; true love, a phrase that seems to be used only by one character -- or one character type -- hardly figures into the picture. "Modes of Irony in Othello." Shakespeare's Tragedies. The word appetite here refers to sexual urges and need for love. (1997) 'Shakespeare's Tragedies of Love', Cambridge Companion to Shakespearean Tragedy, UK: Cambridge University Press.

Champion goes on to describe Iago as a totally single dimensional creature of calculated self-control…and gives the appearance…of credible and intriguing character development.

As the play opens, Iago is shown manipulating Rodrigo into informing Brabantio of Desdemona s secret marriage with Othello.

when after the senate meeting Othello leaves Desdemona in his care, referring to him as Honest Iago. , ii, 1322) Iago states his discuss for Othello and his intent in the play s opening: though I do hate him as I do hell pains, Yet for necessity of present life I must show our a flag and sign of love (I, i, 1309) This shows that, even though Iago hates Othello, he is prepared to use Othello to further his own goals.

make the moor thank me, love me, reward me, for making him egregiously an ass….

In my opinion, Champion is able to describe Iago and Othello exactly the way the play sought to portray them, Iago as a great and evil manipulator and Othello as the heroic tragic hero, innocent, but naive, proud, but single-minded.

Iago s manipulatory nature is shown to us all through out the first act, when in scene I he conspires with Roderigo to rave up Brabantio into confronting Othello s secret marriage to his daughter.

Iago with malicious intent uses this opportunity to implant the idea of Cassio trying to steal Desdemona from Othello, in order to spark rage, anger, and jealousy in Othello, setting the change of events that lead to the tragic end of the play.

In all Shakespeare creates one of the greatest fictional villains ever.


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