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Thus, it seems that online media promotes incorrect viewpoints and takes away creativity, personal analysis, leaving no freedom of making a choice.Online promotion is powerful, yet this power must have supervision within ethical and moral norms, promoting healthy lifestyle.Choosing an opinion essay can be challenging if student does not consider relevant opinion essay topics that would meet an event or subject, making it suitable to provide good argumentation.

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Social media networks may be compared to invisible role models that dictate fashion and moral standards.If your position changes in light of your research, that’s OK.Take notes on ideas, facts and statistics that you can use to support your argument.Since there is no control per se making information is freely available even to young people, social networks contribute to distorted standards promotion.One of them is body image that is based on celebrities and anorexia templates that results in eating disorders and traumatic experiences.Also take notes on others’ perspectives to include in your essay to provide contrast.Write an introduction that asserts a serious and logical stance on your topic and explains why it’s important.Because of power of peer pressure online, young people copy improper and distorted viewpoints in order to become popular and successful, which results in healthcare hazards including mental breakdowns.Social networks like Facebook or Instagram, control what is popular by sharing or reposting celebrities’ images which unificates body shapes and fashion standards.It must represent an opinion, a personal take on specific issue.Still, as one wants to maintain academic style structure for opinionated writing, it is necessary to mention an opposite view right before conclusion paragraph.


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