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In addi tion, increased focus on reducing workplace violence is gaining greater attention (Kleiman, 1997). Blood-borne pathogens In addi tion, you should review your state’s laws and federal laws regarding Workers’ Compensation, Fami ly Medical Leave Act, and the Americans wi th Disabi l i ties Act.Employers have a responsibi l i ty to provide a secure and safe workplace for thei r employees and customers. JCAHO also sets standards speci fical ly relating to heal th, safety, and securi ty. Health is a broad, somewhat nebulous term that refers to a general state of physical , mental , and emotional wel l -being.

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Key personal heal th issues for heal th care workers include substance abuse, emotional and mental problems, and alcohol or drug problems.The Occupational Safety and Heal th Administration (OSHA) and JCAHO are two organizations whose standards address these issues. The two primary topic areas are envi ronment of care (EC) and survei l lance, prevention, and control of infection.OSHA implements the law that requi res organizations to perform three major activi ties. Promulgation and enforcement of safety standards to el iminate or lessen hazards 2. Training and education You are strongly encouraged as part of this assignment to review the OSHA guidel ines at gov regarding the fol lowing. First, heal th care organizations must provide a safe, functional , and effective environment of care for patients, visi tors, medical and nursing staffs, vendors, volunteers, students, and anyone on the organization’s campus.Wi th education and ongoing supervision, staff members implement each phase of the plans.Wi th regard to securi ty, JCAHO also considers emergency preparedness part of EC.Al l staff in heal th care organizations have some infection control (IC) responsibi l i ties and must competently perform thei r assigned role in the organization’s safety management program.JCAHO has a set of standards that speci fical ly address the protection of patients, staff, and visi tors and that focus on identi fying the organization’s infection risks and taking the necessary risk-reduction steps. (2005, March) Professional Safety, 50(3), 25 Long-term ethylene oxide exposure trends in US hospitals: Relationship with OSHA regulatory and enforcement actions La Montagne, A. The main purpose of effective safety programs in organizations is to prevent work-related injuries and accidents. OSHA offers best practices for hospitals receiving victims of mass casualties. Typical ly, safety refers to protecting the physical wel l-being of people. 637-736 OSHA offers best practices for hospitals receiving victims of mass casualties Anonymous. American Journal of Public Health, 94(9), 1614-1619 Pointing the way to reducing needlestick injuries Smith, S. Heal th management practices in heal th care organizations strive to maintain the overal l wel l -being of individuals. Long-term ethylene oxide exposure trends in US hospitals: Relationship with OSHA regulatory and enforcement actions. Occupational Hazards 65(7), 20 OSHA proposes K in penalties Verney, S. A heal thy person is one who is free of i l lness, injury, or mental and emotional problems that impai r normal human activi ty.


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