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And here I'm referring to the old postmodern, and its settlement with a certain writing loss. Nostalgia is a sadness without an object, a sadness that of necessity is inauthentic because it does not take part in lived experience.

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Nostalgia also serves as a coping mechanism to help people feel better about themselves.

A study showed that subjects who thought of nostalgic memories showed a greater accessibility of positive characteristics than those who thought of exciting future experiences. In a study, Routledge and his colleagues found that nostalgia correlate’s to the positively with one’s sense of meaning of life.

Another advantage of nostalgia is that it promotes psychological growth.

Baldwin and Landau (2014) found that nostalgia helped people view themselves in a more positive light.

The fetishizing of an outmoded technology, perhaps its a mode of a critical self-reflection, a writing that cannot be purely modern.

It's touching, the old old style, the love of criticism for its object. Recalling the fragmented style: opaque; embodied; de-centred; un-motivated. The old old aims of originality, of being disembodied, faint and dank. Recalling the aims of an outmoded technology, writing performing its object. Like electronic writing that is old before it could ever be new.Nostalgia can be a great inspiration for short stories and poems.If there’s a time in your life that you remember fondly, put those memories on paper and shape them into a story or poem. Across the grassy area, ducks and children are playing. Everything is sleepy with heat, even the gold-fish. There's a lotus flower, opening and stretching itself. I may write with a longing for connection, the desire for desire, for that future re-union with a never existing utopia, where authenticity and transcendence are both present and everywhere. Writing not unified in terms of a logical argument progression. There the new old takes on the aesthetic mode of modernity - collage. Remembering, not moving to a condition of complete or final knowing. A chain of reasoning follows a chain of ponds, beside a nature ensemble. Or even, to think longingly about an outdated technology, which my work has become, and so to fall into the grip of a nostalgia.When the desire to enter into is renounced, an opening appears in the space of that desire's absence.Nostalgia, like any form of narrative, is always ideological: the past it seeks has never existed except in narrative, and hence, always absent, that past continually reproducing itself as a felt lack. As if invited, it moves into you, moving your writing. And this mysterious entry, occasioned by a passive receiving, you do this for another. Hostile to history and its invisible origins, and yet longing for an impossibly pure context of lived experience at a place of origin, nostalgia wears a distinctly utopian face, a face that turns toward a future past, a past that has only ideological reality.According to research, although nostalgic feelings are considered a positive emotion, doesn’t mean the stories or memories are necessarily positive.“Nostalgic stories often start badly, with some kind of problem, but then they tend to end well, and thanks to help from someone close to you.This is a laceration so intense, so intolerable, that alone against his century, Michelet conceived of History as love's protest: to perpetuate not only life but also what he called, in his vocabulary so outmoded today, the Good, Justice, Unity. Recalling a writing of many genres, resonating from one to the other, distinct and yet inhabiting a similar space.Although nostalgia may be a machine of knowledge, it's still a yearning for something lost. Any way, he said that nostalgia was the fetishizing of outmoded technology.


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