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When they are sensitized to conflict and violence, and even view it as exciting or glamorous, how can they understand the impact of violence on real lives? Canada signed the document and made a pledge to act on certain obligations, such as including peace education in our formal and informal educations systems.The Canadian government has made certain obligations to the United Nations with respect to peace education, and the United nations International Year for a Culture of Peace, Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the World, and UNESCO Culture of Peace Program suggest institutional changes to which the Canadian Government is a signatory.Video games are also contributing widely to depicting violence as fun and exciting.

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In music, the most popular songs often contain theses of violence, gang behaviour, criminal behaviour, and even violence towards women.

With children striving to be like their role models that are involved in violent behaviour or just singing about it, how they know that this behaviour is widely unacceptable in our societies? Declaration and Integrated Framework of Action on Education for Peace, Human Rights and Democracy.

If everyone contributes a small amount of their time and resources to the cause of alleviating the poverty of others, there would be a drastic change in the number of impoverished people in our world.

Another impediment to peace is intolerance of other people.

Although the Canadian government had made its commitment to the United Nations, after research, I have not yet discovered any formal government policies on peace education.

Provincial school boards have worked toward the inclusion of peace education in school curriculums, for example, the province of Nova Scotia ahs integrated peace education into the social studies curriculum for certain grade levels.The idea of education as the means for developing a culture of peace and non-violence is reinforced by a statement once made by Gandhi, If we are going to bring about peace in the world, we have to begin with the children.As there are many impediments to a culture of peace and non-violence it will take great efforts to achieve the same.We need to be positive role models for children by showing them peaceful ways of thinking and behaving.Cora Weiss, President of the Hague Appeal for Peace, while describing the Global Peace Education Campaign at the recent U. Millennium Forum, enforced the need for peace education initiatives.On November 10, 1998, the United Nations General Assembly unanimously voted to proclaim the first decade of the twenty-first century, an International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the World (2201-2010).The UN made this declaration specifically for children because they are the most vulnerable individuals and most likely victims of violence of all kinds.She discussed the importance of the The 4 Es in school curriculums reading, (w)riting, (a)rithmetic and reconciliation which will help children confront their biases, redirect their aggressive behaviour, learn to negotiate, and discover non-violent peaceful means to relate to one another.Peace education needs to be included in school curriculums and it needs to be rated at the dame importance as common subjects such as mathematics or science.In the past, when technology was not readily available to children, these topics were not such regular occurrences in childrens lives.Now, the most common childrens hobbies are playing video games, watching television and movies, listening to music, and surfing the net, all of which often contain themes of violence.


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