My Favorite Day Essay

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I would not say that my favorite day of the week is Monday because honestly I hate Mondays, Monday means time to get serious and get all-important things done, but for me, Fridays are the opposite.

It means that the time to have fun, sleep and not to anything is here.

With this I knew had to change the a whole seven days, however I learnt a lot of ways I can change my bad habit.

I do recommend others try this change because it can change the view of one’s life.

Is probably because I know that Friday means that the weekend has arrived.

After having a week full of compromises, lack of sleep and no entertainment all I want is some rest, and there is not a better time to do it than the weekend.

" He lays still, trying to ignore my words and the poking he feels. His hair is a mess, he has eye crust in the coner of his eyes, his morning breath, as bad as they get.

I put my hands on his shoulders and shake him saying the same word over and over "wake up! He rushes to the bathroom, grabs his favorite brush and starts to comb his hair. As an avid viewer of the modern day films I find that I am qualified to dictate whether or not a movie gets five stars or no stars.

Monday to Saturday I work to what seem to be never ending shifts and go to school. The week consist of hard work and hours of studying. I lay snuggled up to him, hearing every breath he takes, feeling every time his chest rises.

He smiles, he has such a wonderful smile that seems to be brighter then the sun to me.


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