Model Research Papers From Across The Disciplines

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In fact, thirteen of the top twenty journals are health-related, including health informatics, health education, and health libraries.

Only five journals can be described as core information sciences journals, and the final two are in the fields of computer science and chemistry.

It has now become evident that aspects of information behaviour research (using Wilson’s (2000) definition of information behaviour) have become distributed over many disciplines.

Even a simple search for papers with information needs in the title reveals that the top two journals, in terms of number of papers, are not in the field of information science, but are health-related; they are, .

More than 50% of the 4,059 papers retrieved have been published since 2008.

For the 1960s, the Web of Science records only 35 papers in journals and annual reviews, all of which used the term information needs or information seeking in the title. The aim of this paper is to explore the extent to which concepts of information behaviour have been adopted within other disciplines, to the extent allowed by quantitative analysis of Web of Science data. Searches were carried out in Web of Science in each decade from 1960 to the present day and the results analysed by the journals publishing related papers and by the research areas of these journals. The 'Analyze Results' feature of Web of Science was used to provide quantitative analysis of the results, by journal title and by research area. While papers on information behaviour appear in more than one hundred disciplinary areas, the distribution is concentrated in a very limited number of areas and is otherwise thinly spread over the remaining disciplines. Scholars in many disciplines have explored the information needs and information behaviour of those working in the discipline, or whom the disciplines serves.However, the concentration of interest is found in the health and medical sciences, computer science and information systems, communication and media studies, and psychology.A further analysis was carried out on the distribution of citations over Web of Science research areas, to key works by four frequently-cited authors: Dervin, Kuhlthau, Savolainen and Wilson.The overall output of papers on the topic shows an exponential growth pattern since the early 1960s, as the red trend-line in Figure 1 indicates.Later, Julien (1996), carried out a content analysis of the information needs and uses literature, finding that some 20% of citations were to research in fields outside of information science.She noted that, compared with the interdisciplinarity of other fields, this was a relatively modest proportion.The search was also restricted to retrieve only journal articles and review articles to provide a manageable set of papers for each decade.As a result of these restrictions, the number of papers retrieved was reduced to 2,793.When we analyse the same data-set by the Web of Science subject categories, we find that the 1,918 papers have been assigned to 167 subject categories.Papers are assigned more than one category, and, of course, the distribution is not equal, with 29 per cent of the papers being assigned to 'Information science, library science', and 0.052 per cent to virology.


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