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My father would remind me that I had to consider the sources of her feelings, however irrational, in order to communicate with her.

Though my relationship with my mother has proved challenging, I am thankful for these experiences.

For example, rather than explicitly stating that he did research on Bordetella pertussis, the author tells a story of a patient with Whooping cough and interweaves his research experience there, tying together a message of the future doctor’s interest in translational (from bench to bedside) research.

Similarly, rather than explicitly stating he did experience A, and learned important lesson B and C, these themes are implied more indirectly.

One particularly striking manifestation of this concept came at the beginning of my day at an internist’s clinic.

Walking into the office, I heard a most unsettling sound—a distinctive, screeching, painful yelp audible throughout the clinic.Disclaimer: While these essays ultimately proved effective and led to medical school acceptances, there are multiple components that contribute to being an effective medical school applicant.These essays are not perfect, and the strengths and weaknesses have been listed where relevant.“I love Scriabin!I want to become a physician so that I can use my liberal arts education with my personal and professional experiences to meet medicine’s unique requirement of understanding patients psychologically, culturally, and biologically.I am ready to provide the most excellent patient care, empathetically and holistically appreciating my patients’ stories in order to serve them best.I instantly knew what case I would be seeing next: Whooping cough.When I saw Brody, a toddler, I was arrested by a unique commiseration, one of both pity and curiosity. I had spent the last two years performing research on the bacteria that caused the disease, Bordetella pertussis.These are real personal statements from successful medical school applicants (some are from students who have used our services or from our advisors).These sample personal statements are for reference purposes only and should absolutely be used to copy or plagiarize in any capacity.Her other illnesses, including several autoimmune disorders and severe gastrointestinal problems, certainly hinder her from experiencing the joys of life.But what is most difficult for me and my father is her anger and violence when she is in pain.


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