Medical Laboratory Technology Case Studies

Medical Laboratory Technology Case Studies-56
Other Required Hours: 26.25 hour per week for 8 weeks (210 total hours).Prerequisite(s): MLT-1300 Introduction to Blood Collection or concurrent enrollment, and concurrent enrollment in MLT-2970 Advanced Phlebotomy, and departmental approval.The CJMLS is the official publication of the CSMLS.

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MLT-2461 Hematology 3 Credits An introduction to the theory, principles and procedures used in hematology and coagulation (hemostasis).

Hematopoiesis, enumeration, differentiation and evaluation of blood formed elements and the basic process of coagulation are discussed.

Study of formula evaluation, unit analysis and conversions, dilutions, concentrations, calculations specific to clinical analytes and Beer's Law.

Construction of standard curves, calculation and application of quality control parameters related to clinical laboratory medicine.

Problem solving skills are applied in related case studies and unknowns. Laboratory: 3 hours Prerequisite(s): MA-1020 Medical Terminology I and departmental approval. MLT-2471 Immunohematology & Serology 5 Credits Study of immunohematologic (blood banking), immunologic and serologic principles and the application of testing procedures.

Antigen-antibody reactions for ABO antigens, Rh (Rhesus) and other major blood group systems, compatibility testing, component therapy and production, acceptable donor criteria, transfusion transmitted diseases, diagnostic uses of serological tests. Analysis of case studies, problem solving and clinical significance of results in diagnosis. Laboratory: 6 hours Prerequisite(s): MLT-2501 Clinical Chemistry.Sections include reader-submitted Perspectives, laboratory safety, Society news and peer-reviewed scientific articles.Annual subscription to the CJMLS is complimentary with CSMLS membership, but subscriptions for non-members are available by filling out the form below.MLT-1851 Medical Laboratory Practicum I 2 Credits Supervised clinical experience.Students rotate through inpatient or outpatient phlebotomy departments of local clinical sites for 26.25 hours per week (8 weeks) meeting performance objectives for laboratory phlebotomy technician.MLT-2482 Clinical Microbiology 5 Credits Application of the principles and procedures utilized in clinical microbiology, mycology, parasitology and virology in the collection, identification and serological detection of organisms. Media, methods of culture and isolation, biochemical and susceptibility testing, aseptic and staining techniques, sterilization and safety protocols are studied.Analysis of case studies, problem solving and clinical significance of results in diagnosis. Laboratory: 6 hours Prerequisite(s): BIO-2500 Microbiology and MLT-1000 Introduction to Medical Laboratory Technology.Application and activities to build skills in problem solving.Lecture: 2 hours Prerequisite(s): MATH-1410 Elementary Probability and Statistics I, and departmental approval.Manual and automated techniques are explained, demonstrated, and performed.Anemias, leukemias and other hematological disorders are studied, correlating test results with disease states.


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