Media And Violence Essay

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This is the question that has been asked since before television was in every American’s house.

Of course there are the different types of media today ranging from newspapers, to on-line reports and stories.

In the police station, Moore said to Ace Mealer, a 911 dispatcher, "Life is a video game. On October 9th 2005, he was sentenced to death by lethal injection.

Moore had played the violent video game Grand Theft Auto day and night for months.

Teenagers who know that violent behavior is wrong but still engage in violent acts deserve punishment and should blame themselves.

Irresponsible parents who failed to educate their children or even abuse the children should be blamed.This violent video game has sold more than 35 million copies, with worldwide sales approaching billion.It is a game that provides the pseudo-world that is governed by the laws of depravity (Associated Press).Children who grow up in such environment will generally internalise distorted views of the social world and make assumptions about various aspects that is not based on reality.However, cultivation is "usually described as a hypothesis rather than a formal media effects theory due to a lack of supporting, empirical evidence to explain how the cultivation process occurs" (Bryant et al. When considering the possible effects media violence may have on the audience, we also need to account for television viewers' age, gender, social status, and other psychological traits since these also affects their way of perceiving images portrayed in television.We would also interact with other audience and develop shared meanings of media content.When we perceive violent messages in the media, we would express and exchange our feelings with others. We would not be directly affected by the message because we actively interprete the message by applying our cognition, logic , prior experiences and knowledge.Government that failed to implement measures such as gun control to prevent societal violence should also be blamed.After all, media is not the sole factor that contributes to societal violence. CBS president, Howard Stringer is pointing to a different scapegoat for society’s violence. that puts a lot of American movies on and has more graphic violence within it’s live drama on the BBC than anywhere else, and there is a lot less violence in the United Kingdom than there is here.There are 200 million guns in America, and that has a lot to do with violence.” He feels it has to do with gun control, which others have suggested.


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