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(2007) The zip file contains the full report and all appendices. Furthermore, personality accounted for significantly more variance in undergraduates' achievement and behaviour than did gender, but the converse was not the case.

We investigated two factors that predict students' achievement and behaviour in undergraduate mathematics: gender and personality.

urn=urn:nbn:se:hv:diva-4859 This study analyses the efficiency of maths support provision in two universities: Leeds Metropolitan University, UK and Högskolan Väst, Sweden.

This is an on-going collaboration between two universities and in this paper we present the results of this study focussing on the academic staff prospective, using questionnaires, observations and interviews with tutors.

If you have ever looked at a mathematics journal to see how mathematicians write up new results, you may have found that everything seemed neat and polished. A formal mathematics research paper includes a number of sections.

The author often poses a question and then presents a proof that leads neatly, and sometimes elegantly, to his or her solution. These will be appropriate for your write-up as well.We recognize how important archival material is for supporting advancements in mathematics research.That is why we have opened access to all available archived articles, back to Volume 1, Issue 1 (or the first issue available) of each of the primary mathematics journals from 4 years after publication to the 1st issue, which means back to early 1960s for several titles.The Mission of the Journal will be to publish high-quality original articles that make a significant contribution to the research areas of both theoretical and applied mathematics and theoretical computer science.This journal is an efficient enterprise where the editors play a central role in soliciting the best research papers, and where editorial decisions are reached in a timely fashion.Research in the Mathematical Sciences does not have a length restriction and encourages the submission of longer articles in which more complex and detailed analysis and proofing of theorems is required.It also publishes shorter research communications (Letters) covering nascent research in some of the hottest areas of mathematical research.Your project write-up is a chance to synthesize what you have learned about your mathematics research problem and to share it with others.Most people find that when they complete their write-up it gives them quite a bit of satisfaction. By answering these questions, you will provide a detailed map that will take the reader through your research experience.This journal will publish the highest quality papers in all of the traditional areas of applied and theoretical areas of mathematics and computer science, and it will actively seek to publish seminal papers in the most emerging and interdisciplinary areas in all of the mathematical sciences.Research in the Mathematical Sciences wishes to lead the way by promoting the highest quality research of this type.


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