Management Problem Solving Strategies

Management Problem Solving Strategies-69
Solutions to the problem will either be changes to the process which eliminate special causes of variation or changes which reduce common cause variation.After the best solution is implemented, the model leads the team to monitor the impact of its revisions to make sure that the problem is truly solved.

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Problem solving should occur at all levels of the organization.

At every level, from top to bottom, problems occur.

Before we begin a discussion about the steps of the problem-solving model, we should talk a little about the philosophy that good problem solvers have about problems.

Here are a number of ideas that are part of the philosophy.

People should address the problems in their own areas.

Everyone has problems associated with their work area, and they should take ownership for trying to solve these problems instead of waiting for their supervisors or another team to tell them what to do. It is used when a project team is solving a basic problem.

These ten steps are effective with most of the problems the team will encounter.

Each step is discussed here, and end products for step completion are specified as check points for team progress.

The problem-solving model, introduced below, incorporates an effective set of skills into a step-by-step process.

The model combines the use of statistical tools, such as control charts and process flow diagrams, with group problem-solving skills, such as brainstorming and consensus decision-making.


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