Macbeth Practise Essay Questions

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Agree or disagree with the following statement: "Macbeth is a play about courage, which asserts the triumph of good over evil." In answering this question, you should remember that courageous acts are not always motivated by virtue. Examine to what extent Lady Macbeth is to blame for her husband's downfall.

Discuss the relationship between the couple as the play develops.

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In Shakespearian times, there were associated male and female traits with male traits associated with strength, aggression, and rationality.

Female traits, on the other hand, were associated with beauty, tender thoughts, and sensitivity.

Being a female herself, Lady Macbeth commands the ‘sprits’ to ‘unsex [her] here,’ so she can rid herself of her female traits so she can be more male and thus powerful enough to commit evil.

Continuing to talk to the spirits, Lady Macbeth asks to be further transformed, when she wants ‘her ‘milk’ to be taken for ‘gall’.

For essay writing ideas and controversial topics, students can use some of the ones in the following list.

These essay topics will help students explore and understand the major themes and characters of Macbeth.


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