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(27, 2, 12) She also manages to rescue her husband from the horrors created by his own conscience during his coronation banquet. As Macbeth is addressing the ghost that nobody else sees, the thanes become alarmed and consider leaving.

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They represent a mixture of various emotions and intentions.

For example, Macbeth initially fears the witches’ prophecy and refuses to kill Duncan.

The initial prophecies encourage the ambition in Macbeth to cause him to lose his soul to evil.

The rest of the play is based on the foul deeds of Macbeth in the pursuit of his ambitions and the subsequent prophesies that encourage him and give him unfounded confidence.

He remains a puppet in the hands of the three witches.

However, in the end he chooses to refuse supernatural powers and live as a regular person: Macbeth: Why should I play the Roman fool, and die on mine own sword?Until they heard the witches’ prophecy their true personalities seemed to be hidden.The witches’ suggestions illuminate the true characters’ motivations and desires.Even as Lady Macbeth was influenced by the suggestion of these witches, she did show some moral hesitation.When she went into Duncan’s chamber, she found herself unable to kill him because of his appearance; she notes, Had he not resembled my father as he slept, I had done’t.Macbeth is convinced to kill Duncan, then Banquo to keep his issue from taking the throne.Lady Macbeth even asks the evil forces to help her in order to follow her intention and desires of becoming queen.Shakespeare makes use of elements like the three witches, ghosts, gory scenes and unnatural events to heighten the dramatic effect of the supernatural in Macbeth. So it is, as the plot of the play is dependent on the prophecies of the three witches. Third Witch: All hail, Macbeth, that shalt be King hereafter!The play Macbeth starts with a dramatic portrayal of elements of the supernatural in the form of the three witches announcing their continued presence in the play. They immediately let the audience know that they will have an evil influence on Macbeth. (8, 1, 47) Characters of the play are influenced by the power of the witches and these words play a crucial role in their moral downfall.Once Macbeth becomes king, he returns to the witches for reassurance.He becomes so lost in his belief in their prophecies that he does not realize until too late that the prophecies are leading him to actions that would culminate in his doom.


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