List Of Math Problem Solving Strategies

List Of Math Problem Solving Strategies-44
Problem solving strategies must keep the focus on the "thinking" that is occurring.

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So instead, list all the possibilities for ice cream before moving on to vanilla.

Chocolate: just chocolate (no toppings), chocolate with nuts, chocolate with whipped cream, chocolate with candies and chocolate with gummy bears.

Then move on to the next flavor and go through the toppings , and thus multiply 3×5 without completing the list.

(That’s another great strategy: look for patterns).

Instead of relying on calculators, students learn strategies that can improve their concentration and estimation skills while building number sense.

And, while there are educators who oppose math “tricks” for valid reasons, proponents point to benefits such as increased confidence to handle difficult problems.

There are different ways to organize information, but the idea is to exhaust all the possibilities with one part of your list before moving on.

For example, say you’re trying to figure out all the different combinations of ice cream toppings at your local ice cream shop.

wants to sit and list out all the possible solutions to a math problem?

BUT, it is a very useful strategy, and as we’ll see, learning to be organized and systematic is the key (and will also save tons of time)! Basically, any time you have a problem that has more than one solution, or you’re trying to solve a combination problem, it’s helpful to make a list. That will feel useless and frustrating if you’re just trying to pull out possibilities from anywhere.


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