Light And Dark Imagery In Macbeth Essay

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During the conversation between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth after the Duncan’s murder Lady Macbeth makes mention of "the owl that shriek’d and the crickets’ cry".( Shakespeare, 1994; 46) "The owl clamours all through the night; Duncan's horses devour each other in frenzy; the dawn comes, but no light with it.Common sights and sounds, the crying of crickets, the croak of the raven, the light thickening after sunset, the homecoming of the rooks, are all ominous".( Bradley, 1905;337).

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Darkness is often associated with evil, crime and death.

In Act II, Scene IV, Ross and Old man speak of the unusual darkness of the day.

Furthermore, Ross provides an image of an owl and a falcon.

The disorder in Nature is symbolized by the slaying of the falcon, the royal bird, by an owl.

Darkness is used to illustrate the unnatural character of Macbeth’s crime in killing the king which was considered at that time to be crime against God and nature.


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