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Furthermore, it provides a framework, categories and a common theoretical language to identify and consider components of this discourse and the strategies deployed by agents within it.It therefore seems that, as Wilson argues, frame analysis is suitable to “assist in the development of interpretations as to how views on the past are mobilised and activated in and for the present” (2013, p. There is also a strong tradition of utilizing Goffman’s work in game studies (Fine, 1983; Hendricks, 2006; Waskul, 2006; Copier, 2007; Calleja, 2007; Consalvo, 2009; Deterding, 2013), as well as a precedent for using frame analysis specifically to examine historical videogames (Chapman & Linderoth, 2015).Goffman’s “frame analysis” (1986 [1974]) has also been used as a theoretical lens.

Furthermore, it provides a framework, categories and a common theoretical language to identify and consider components of this discourse and the strategies deployed by agents within it.

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However, these events also show that in many places WWI remains a strong presence in collective memory.

Indeed, this memory seems to have become “postmemory”, a term Hirsch (2008, p.

Collective memory can be understood as a shared understanding and collection of information between members of a group; a collective framework that organises and constructs memory (Halbwachs, 1992).

This is at least partially supported by shared cultural tools and thus constituted from, and sustained in relation to, textual resources such as images and narratives (Wertsch, 2002).

The article attempts to explain this lack of engagement by examining the issues that face videogames in trying to engage WWI popular memory (tonal incompatibility; fear of trivialisation through ) given its relatively sensitive and contested nature.

Accordingly, the analysis suggests that the nature of the depictions of WWI that players are exposed to in this new popular form is partly shaped by the particular limitations that the videogame form and its perceived cultural role entail.Accordingly, using online community-generated lists alongside personal online research (e.g.using search engines, forums, message boards and industry/commercial resources), the most comprehensive list possible of all videogames that include depictions of WWI was produced (58 games).Mobile games were excluded from this selection in order to keep the sample manageable and in order not to skew the results (given that the nature of mobile technology restricts which of the conventional genres of games are commonly developed for these platforms).This said, even given a cursory perusal, it does seem that the WWI games for Apple’s App Store are also overwhelmingly flying or strategy games, in line with the findings below.He is also founder of the Historical Game Studies [email protected] article explores the relation of WWI popular collective memory to historical videogames.103) uses to describe second generations’ relation to particularly powerful traumatic historical events that occurred before their birth.Unsurprisingly then, WWI is still represented in a variety of media.If we accept that videogames can function as history (Chapman, 2013a, 2016), then many historical videogames are amongst the most successful contemporary popular historical products.This potentially significant influence, the obvious importance of WWI memory, and the notion that “cultural understandings of war require critical analysis of a diversity of media texts, and the contexts of their production” (Balabanova & Parry, 2014, p.


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