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All of these problem-solving measures are effective, but most leaders will state that the best solution is to anticipate the problem and head it off before it occurs.Leaders who "manage by walking around" are ones who have good instincts for rooting out situations before they fester into problems.

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Just as problems do not occur in the vacuum, neither do solutions appear from thin air.

It is a mistake for leaders to assume that they must solve every problem by themselves.

Leaders, as point people in the management of people and ideas, encounter problems daily, even hourly.

Unfortunately, even well-intentioned leaders can be overwhelmed by circumstance and their own stubbornness. Likewise, the management of Chrysler Corporation in the late 1970s watched as the company continued to produce uncompetitive products and accumulated crushing debts. Upon taking office, President Richard Nixon began removing ground troops in a planned reduction.

It combines the heritage of the hole in an all-new sleek package. At the same time, the leader needs to "be in the loop"—informed of progress and available for consultation.

There are some ways to train your mind to think unconventionally. Give ownership of the problem to those who must implement the solution. Adopt a solution…Sometimes individuals and teams find the adoption step to be the easiest.

Provide the team with guidance, but leave the details to the employees. Selecting the right solution is often the logical outcome of the creative process; people know the possibilities and the outcomes, and can decide amongst themselves what is best for the organization.

The ease of selection, however, does not mean the solution will be easy to implement, only that it was readily apparent as the right choice. Once the solution is formulated, the leader must find the resources to implement it.

A short time later, Chrysler introduced the minivan, acquired American Motors, and positioned Jeep as America’s first sport utility vehicle.

Neither Nixon nor Iacocca’s solutions were overnight successes; it took Nixon until his second term to end U. involvement in Vietnam, and it took Iacocca time to pay off the loans and nudge his company into the red.


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