Lap And Research Papers

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Manuscripts should be no longer than 8,000 words of paginated, double-spaced 12 point text with 1 inch margins, including notes and references, using the LAP Style Guidelines (see link below.) They may be submitted in English, Spanish, or Portuguese.

If you do not write in English with near native fluency, please submit in your first language.

LAP will consider manuscripts that have been published in another language, usually with updating.

Prior publication should be noted, along with the publication information.

Lambert is a print on demand publisher, not exactly vanity press in the sense that they don’t charge authors up front.

Lap And Research Papers

But in terms of advancing a young scholar’s career, they might as well be a vanity press.Do not publish with Lap Lambert or other self-publication schemes.It won’t help your career, it won’t impress hiring or postdoc committees, and it won’t get you read by your peers. The references at the end are in the LAP Library or can be obtained at the LAP Secretariat (the HBR article). A nice summary of common errors in papers and bibliographies has been compiled by John Owens of UC Davis.You may also want to check this oral presentation advice by Mark H. This writer finds it quite matching his experience of the usual horrors encountered when reviewing papers—in fact, what is utterly depressing is that they are always the same and that it would be so incredibly easy to avoid them if anyone just bothered….Wolfgang Philipp Müller, Esther von Krosigk They keep sending me this bizarre spam email.If I’m going to take OUP to task for their restrictive IP policies, I should also say something about these much more dangerous presses.They claim your intellectual property and publish it without proper peer review or academic editorial process, which means that they have just devalued your thesis that you might otherwise have revised, improved, and published in a more appropriate scholarly outlet (in whole or in part).This is no small thing, as your thesis is the cornerstone of the next few years of your academic career, at least in disciplines where theses appear as books.Since we did not hear back from you, I am now wondering if you received my first email.I would appreciate if you could confirm your interest in our publishing house and I will be glad to provide you with detailed information about our services.


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