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For some, it is the anniversary of their death in human form or the anniversary of their birth on earth, or even both dates.

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After her first sexual experience—a date rape at a high school party—Patty grasps the full extent of her parents’ indifference, in what is one of the book’s sharpest, most unsettling passages. She knew that you could love somebody more than anything and still not love the person all that much, if you were busy with other things.” The narrative picks up again in 2004 in Washington, where Walter, with a comely young assistant in tow, has become involved with a dubious conservation effort involving Dick Cheney, a coal-mining company, and the fastest-declining songbird in North America. ”Patty’s thwarted need for victory became a way into the novel, the majority of which was eventually written in one seven-month sprint.

Meanwhile, Patty, for whom building the perfect nest was a way to win against her “creative” siblings, finds herself in midlife plummet. “I was once married to a person who was very competitive, who was very competitive with me,” says Franzen.

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“I like the fact that novels in other languages are called some version of romance,” says Jonathan Franzen, sitting at the antique wood dining table of his book-filled Upper East Side apartment.

And I initially thought this book was my romance with Patty.”Romance might seem like an odd—even dangerous—word for a male author to use with regard to his female protagonist.

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But writing full-blooded women of complexity and fallibility has never been a problem for the 51-year-old author, whose deliberate manner, salt-and-pepper hair, and classic tortoiseshell glasses belie a certain essential boyishness.She’s professionless, estranged from her children, and very, very angry. We’re unprecedentedly rich and free; why is everyone so miserable? (His longtime girlfriend, the short-story writer Kathryn Chetkovich, famously laid bare her own feelings about his success and its effect on their relationship in a piercingly candid 2003 essay titled “Envy.”) “And I really wanted to write about competition because it’s this fixture of the free market that nobody really wants to talk about.In the period following the downside of unchecked liberty was very much on Franzen’s mind. It’s considered unattractive to be competitive, and yet our entire political economy is based on a mechanism of competition.That’s when the college-era object of her desire, Richard, a swaggering, self-destructive indie rocker who also happens to be Walter’s best friend, decides to pay a visit.“I had Patty’s voice in my head years before I had anything else,” says Franzen, who explains that with each of his four novels, the female protagonist was the first to take shape.Like follows intersecting characters at different points in time, but Patty’s chapters, including one that illuminates what it was like to be cast as the dumb jock in a politically ambitious family, feel most crucial.Think of Enid, the tragically deluded, Christmas-obsessed matriarch of his meteorically successful, National Book Award–winning last novel, or Denise, whose teenage indiscretion touches off the book’s core revelation.And now there’s Patty Berglund, the heroine of Franzen’s recipes with a barely submerged competitive streak, she, along with her weak-chinned, high-minded husband, Walter, is among the first of the Victorian-renovating, Volvo-driving gentrifiers in their St. “Tall, ponytailed, absurdly young, pushing a stroller past stripped cars and broken beer bottles and barfed-upon old snow, she might have been carrying all the hours of her day in the string bags that hung from her stroller.” Patty’s domestic idyll is shattered when her brilliant and all-too-beloved son, Joey, leaves home at sixteen, moving in with the right-wing family next door.You can also find us in the i Tunes store, or in just about any app you might use to listen to podcasts.If you like the show, please consider subscribing to our Patreon, which helps offset our costs and allows us to keep doing the podcast each week.“Roman in German, roman in French, romanzo in Italian.Because they should be romances for the reader, but they have to before that be romances for the writer.


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