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If there is an editor, included the abbreviation “Ed.,” followed by the editor’s first and last name, and a period. Make note of information about the textbook, which can often be found on the title page. Instead of “Ed.,” write “Eds.” Create an in-text citation when referring to the textbook.

If you plan to submit a short piece to a literary journal, err on the side of caution and don’t publish it online first. These days, people are reading more and more online.

Lastly, add the page range of the entry you referred to. The date of publication should be written next in parenthesis and then a period. Place this information at the end of the sentence, but inside the period.

The chapter or section title comes next, along with a period. Stacey Tarini has spent more than a decade as a communications specialist, with a strong focus on writing and editing.

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